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Main services:

  • resolve single controlling duties
  • design electronic and microcontroller circuits
  • remote control via network and data transmission (with/without a PC)
  • wireless remote control and communication (with/without a PC)
  • design and assemble PCB-s (printed circuit boards)
  • make technical documentation
  • consultation, experimentation
  • renew old/used control circuits, updating
  • repair and maintenance

Unit products:

  • broadcast remote control via ethernet network (WAN/LAN)
    based on IP-addressing - PC for remote or for information only
  • carillon control
  • small, medium and large LED/LCD displays
  • miniature thermal and mechanical printers (paper width cca 20-100 mm)
  • keyboards, operating surfaces
  • cash registers, tax memories, black boxes, ticket and stamp machines
  • control card
  • different I/O cards